Friday, February 19, 2010

DD#34: Co-creativity

I'm here to learn - learn whatever I can, wherever I can, from whomever I can. Some things interest me and I seek voluntarily to learn more, some things I have to learn to live, but the best learning is the gift of a freely offered nugget from someone I respect. Now THAT'S learning for real. 

Over the holidays, I met a man with whom I made a fabulous connection. I was "in love" with all of the exciting possibilities from my connection with him. We felt like two sparks of electricity charging each other in a dynamic, energetic connection. Zap! Zing! Zowie! It was love in the nth degree! (Can you tell I was pretty "charged" about "us"?)

Every time we would talk, it was like I'd plugged into an amazing source of energy and I felt expansive, loving, joyful, animated, dynamic, powerful, and amazed that I could feel so alive. I had pretty much resigned myself to living without the thrill of first love ever again.

While that didn't last (and neither did the guy:>)), I considered it an incredible gift from the Universe, letting me know that I was still here, still alive, and still a desirable woman. He was gone, but he left me with such gratitude for what he'd opened in me. So I thanked him and thanked the Universe and moved along with my life.

A few days ago a friend who had witnessed my excitement during this period was reflecting how enlivened she'd felt from just being an observer of these interactions - a vicarious participant in my new love. She wondered why we couldn't feel like that all the time. Why can't we just decide to feel like that every day? Well, at first it sounded like one of those eternal questions about wanting to be happy all the time. But I pondered it and wondered the same thing - why can't I just wake up every morning choosing to feel "in love" with my life?

After a few days of rumination (and a little bit of self-blame about not doing it "right") I spoke about it with my sponsor. She's a wise woman and gives her wisdom with love and compassion and I am so grateful to be the recipient of her gems. I asked her the "why" question and for the first time in my life of wondering about this very issue she gave me an answer that I truly understood. Are you ready? Here it is.

It's about complementary energy. Two individuals are perfectly whole in and of themselves and when they  meet they create something new. A hydrogen atom is fine alone and an oxygen atom is fine alone, but when they meet they create water - it's chemistry! The chemistry of life. It can create something phenomenal or it can create something unworkable, or it can create something unstable or it can create something stable. It can only happen when two (or more) meet. 

I started thinking about each of us as an atom floating around doing just fine - we're doing what we're here to do and life is good. Occasionally we bump into another person (atom) and that meeting creates something new. Sometimes the something new is expansive and sometimes it's diminishing, but it's always different than either one was on its own. Sometimes it's not another person, it's God/Goddess, art, hobby, work, or an idea that we bump into and the complementary energy creates something new. That expression of complementary energy defines co-creativity.

We co-create with others, we co-create with ideas, words, tools, and inspiration. In all of this the Divine is the ultimate Co-creator, bringing the floating atoms into our field, within reach, so we can effortlessly expand and co-create...

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