Friday, February 12, 2010

DD#29: Small Stuff

It's Friday - again! I've had a whole week full of gifts. New people, compliments, validations, connections with old friends and family, love, appreciation - a beautiful life in every respect including all of the ups and downs. Interesting how even the downs are manageable now. My gratitude is bubbling up in me like a smile that you feel coming on because you're just so happy that even the small stuff gives you joy. Speaking of small stuff, it's in the small stuff of my day that I find profound joy - the little miracles that add sparkle to my life. Like wearing something my favorite color of green or blue and seeing the color reflected in my eyes. Joy.

Last night about 8:30 after I returned from my meeting I walked to the mail box to check my mail. As I reached into the space I felt a package - a plump 5 x 7 envelope lined with bubble wrap. I squeezed it wondering what was inside and who had sent it to me. When I reached the street light near my house I checked the return address and saw that it was from a dear friend. I'd just seen her at the meeting and she hadn't said anything about sending me a package. My curiosity ran away with me as I felt the squishy package - what could she be sending me that she couldn't just hand to me when we saw each other? It wasn't my birthday, or any other gift-giving holiday - what, what, what was in the package?

I sat at my desk and reached for my scissors to cut the package open, but kept turning it over in my hands worried about where to cut it so it didn't damage the contents. I finally held my breath and made a very (VERY) narrow cut along the sealed edge, just wide enough to create an opening. Inside was a folded square of fluffy pink material tied with a beautiful vanilla satin ribbon. What was this? Maybe a pair of slippers or socks? Maybe a cute winter hat or scarf? 

Tucked inside the ribbon was a silver edged note card with a picture of a dove carrying an olive branch over the caption "peace". Inside was a lovely note from my friend thanking me for something I'd given her. I was so moved by her words - short and sweet expressions of how the gift was having such a positive influence on her and how inspiring it was.

I was smiling as I untied the ribbon and unfolded the soft, fluffy pink material, noting that it couldn't be slippers, socks, or a hat. It was folded around a small, pink organdy gift bag. I opened the bag and tipped the contents into my hand. There rested the most gorgeous pair of earrings in my favorite color of green. The glass beads were shiny and smooth and I couldn't wait to try them on. 

But there was something more important to do before I tried them on. I dialed her number and shared my joy with her. How much the gift meant to me, how I couldn't wait to wear the earrings she'd made, how deeply I appreciated the time and love that went into her design and how delighted that she'd thought of me and known my favorite color by simply observing me, not needing to ask. 

She was so happy that she'd made me happy and that I'd shared it with her. These are the true expressions of love and appreciation. Small miracles of connection that bring me joy...

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  1. Her appreciation, the beauty of the moment under the street light, and the exquisite earrings are mere reflections of, you know, Y.O.U. Speaking for "your people", we are blessed because of you.

    thank you