Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DD#27: From Dream to Plan

I just "got it"! The secret to how successful people manifest what they want in their lives. They change the language and beliefs from the "Dream" category and into the "Plan" category. Just changing my language has been enlightening. Instead of thinking about all of the reasons I can't have what I want I ask "how can I have what I want?" It's that simple. Nothing new, I've used it plenty of times, but it feels new in this particular circumstance that I'm in right now.

My "dream life" has always felt unattainable - it's just a dream. When I think of it as possible I can ask the Universe/God/Goddess to help me with a Plan - the "How". Now my plan can't contain foolish objectives - it has to be real for who I am now and not who I used to be - a 40 year old with a fear-driven ambitious drive and plenty of energy (or at least willing to push myself beyond exhaustion). I'm now 60+ with NO desire to push myself fueled by fear. So I'm not putting anything on my plan that smacks of unrealistic magical thinking like: get a part-time job to supplement my income, go back to a sales career where I work 80-100 hours/week, win the lottery, wish it, receive a large inheritance from a distant relative I didn't even know - you get me, the stuff that ain't gonna happen.

Instead I'm writing about what's important to me in this final third of my life. What does it look like? Who's with me? Where am I? What am I doing? How am I supporting myself? What's my source? (OK, I know that one - HP.)

I once took a seminar about how ordinary people achieve extraordinary things in their lives. It takes three components: vision, heart, and action. (See it, feel it, do it.) All three are necessary, so don't think just because you have one or two of these characteristics that you can succeed - that's magical thinking.

Over the next couple of days I'm going to create my vision, then consult my HP for a plan of action, and put my heart into it - really feel it, see it and make it happen. What's "it"? More will be revealed I'm sure...

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