Sunday, January 31, 2010

DD#18:Unplugged or not...

I'm feeling pretty lazy today. I seem to be stuck in the notion that one of my weekend days should be an "unplugged" day. I cram everything into one of the days so I can stay in my comfy warm house and be Ms. Domestic the other day. Interesting that I've only begun to recognize it over the last few months because it's been a pattern for MANY years. The things you notice when you're committed to being conscious and aware, huh?

So now that I recognize it I must apply my own formula for change: shine a light on it, name it, claim it, take action to change it so my body/mind/spirit connection will incorporate it into my daily life. What small steps can I take today to create a change in this behavior that I have processed to the point of claiming it? Just a small step for today because I'm an imperfect human making progress but far from perfect. Hmmmm, what small step? I can clear out some of the clothes I want to take to the consignment shop for resale. Yep! I think that will do for today.

What can you do just for today to create a positive change in your life? Shine the light on it, name it, claim it, and take action. Are you willing to shine the light on something that's old and no longer serving you? Have courage, take baby steps, and see how wonderful it can feel...

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