Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Disciplines

OK, 2010 is the year when I learn the practice of daily discipline with my writing. I know I can do it because I've done it with my eating - a dragon I never thought I could slay! I've heard that it takes 90 days to make a new habit of something, so my intention is to blog daily for 90 days and see where it takes me.
I'm prepared for some good stuff, some lousy stuff, some short stuff, and some novellas. This will be my writer's stream of consciousness - taking the way I speak into the way I write. I intend to learn plenty and hopefully, so will anyone who takes the time to read the personal meanderings through my mind and life.
A sponsor of mine once told me that nobody should be allowed to wander through their own mind unescorted, so I'm taking this journey with a prayer to the Universe to guide me and shed light on the dark, fertile stuff where we learn the essentials of who we are. Are you courageous enough to take my hand and join me? Yummmm, I'm excited on this auspicious day one - more tomorrow...

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