Monday, January 25, 2010

DD#13 More with the Expectations!

Learning every day has its advantages! It occurred to me recently that we don't even know that we have certain expectations about our lives until they're unmet and feel the disappointment, loss, or sadness about not getting what we think we want.

I look at these as gems or nuggets that are discovered while being watchful - aware - searching for them subconsciously as we stroll along on our journey. They're waiting there for us to notice them beneath the layers of denial and avoidance. I'm committed to seeing with new eyes what is waiting and offering me yet another way to stay in touch with my authentic self. Where will this take me? What will I learn? I'm open, completely surrendered to being who I am and living my purposeful life. Deeper, I'm diving deeper every day. Strap on your diving equipment and jump in with me!

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