Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daily Discipline Day 4

I'm sitting at my computer with a mix of music from an eclectic assortment of artists that I have enjoyed over the past six decades of my life. It reminds me that I am also eclectic - a multifaceted woman who has a full range of personalities, talents, experiences, and emotions. My music choices represent so many artists from Beethoven to The Boss. Music can calm me or energize me - let's see, do I want to relax or do I want to dance around the house while I'm cleaning? Am I preparing for meditation? Do I want background music while I work? Do I want to feel the energy of AC/DC - raw and wild? Do I feel like the gentle sounds of Nancy Griffith or Emmy Lou Harris?

Sometimes I want to simply hear the music, but more often I want the lyrics and the music. The power of a phrase - the poetry of lyrics stuns me. It's how I know that it's a divine gift to have the genius to create such a powerful message with so few words.

With an open mind my music choices are without limits - just like life choices when I keep an open heart and stay connected to HP! How lucky we are to have so many choices - yes we are lucky beyond measure...

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