Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daily Discipline - Day 2

So here I am on Day #2 of my commitment to blog daily for 90 days - creating a new habit.

My women's group last night was phenomenal. We dove deeper into our connection with that basic element of resilient power - dark and light - emerging as one light divinely guided.

It reminded me of a ceremony held by a group of women who follow Native American traditions - Women of the 14th Moon. Being honored as a "Crone" was so special and I wrote this poem as my contribution:

Going to the Well
My Journey takes me to the well - to look over the edge - into the abyss
Beyond what my head tells me - impractical but real, this need to draw the salty water up from the depths of my loss...
The keening
The wailing
The rocking
The tears.

Yet another death - the death of the needs of a child daughter.
Death of a mother's need to pull life around her like warm covers;
To fluff the pillows of her experience with love and laughter;
Smiling at her everyday miracles
Knowing she carries the well within her.

She knows it - there's a dark recognition in her eyes - an awareness of the bottomless depths.
Her dreams, her tears are ancient
Bearing the losses of all our women, all our daughters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters;
All the unshed tears - the salty water of grief and loss
The salty water that ebbs and flows and pulls us to the well.
The salty water of joy, birth, death, loss, love, grief, ecstasy
Heated by anger and grief
Cooled by love and acceptance.

As we push/pull our way to the well
Carrying our baskets of love, life, joy, fear,and anger
We cover the darkness of loss and grief with a veil of competence.

Do we see?
Is our path well lit?
Do we stumble?
Do we find our way with the seeing eyes of our ancestors?
Do we heal?
Do we love?
Do we cry,moan, wail, keen, rock as we draw from the well?
Do we honor the salty water with joy and courage?

We visited the well last night and expressed our gratitude for all of the healing we have achieved through our willingness to shine the light in the darkness of what we want to name and therefore, change...

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