Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily Discipline Day #6

Softening around balance in my life is still a challenge at times (though as a sign of my progress, not nearly as often as it used to be). Being on the harder edge of each extreme in my emotions is sometimes still my initial reaction to people and situations - so I'm very grateful to learn how to get to that softer in-between where I have clearer perspective and choices. Life doesn't have to be either/or every time. Learning the difference between when it's necessary to be in my either/or place (important when it comes to boundaries regarding my personal integrity) or move into my softer, safer response and let go of the reaction.
When I dig deeper and move out of denial I often run to the other extreme and a need to immediately fix whatever "it" is - person or situation. It's interesting to learn about the many options available to me when I soften and seek balance. With the light of love held high I am charting the territory between "MUST Deny" and "MUST Fix".

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