Friday, July 17, 2009

Still teachable...

Thank you HP for giving me exactly what I've been requesting! OK, now I get it - I've been in my head (where I should not be allowed unescorted!) and thinking in my "always" and "never" terms.
Yesterday and this morning I was reminded that I attract what I think so if I want something different I have to think in a different way - speak in a different way - feel in a different way. I'm grateful that it took a mere pang of disappointment to bring me to this awareness - the pang and the observation of my wise sponsor. She hears me with the clarity of love - hears what lies underneath, what I hide from myself.
It's my choice. I can think, speak, act in ways that shift away from the old tapes and and create new ones - those that serve my goal of living my purpose. I'm so excited! I get to do some creative thinking - connecting my heart and my head - busy teaching myself to reframe my thoughts and feel the vision of me as the person I want to be. The journey is not as long as it was...

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  1. Toni.... I see your journey "not as long as you thought it was"!! I see you thinking, speaking, and gracefully acting in ways that transform the old tapes, divinely creating new ones... ones that serve your living ON PURPOSE. I see your heart and head connected as ONE with the Divine Intelligence. You are Divine, you are a blessing.