Thursday, July 16, 2009

My GPS...

When I'm in my head I think in terms of "always" and "never". Why does this ALWAYS happen? Things will NEVER change. When I'm in my heart I KNOW the only thing that is permanent is - is - is - LOVE. Love is an action, love is a memory, love always (yes, ALWAYS) results in more love. Love is not blind, love sees the truth and loves anyway.
Here's the trick to this: things rarely come to us in the package we're expecting. Ahhhh, there's the word that brings me from my heart jolting back into my head - expect (, ...ations,...ed). Who, me, with expectations? Never! Well...? How many times have I finally been aware of my underlying feelings of expectation AFTER I've experienced my disappointment because "it"(they, he, she) wasn't what I expected?
My Higher Self desires to go through life taking the High Road - never (there's that word again!) expecting specific outcomes, always (yes, those head words define what I expect of my Higher Self, too) trusting that HP will take care of me.
Life in my reality lane, however, can sometimes be confusing - not always certain what direction to take, or even where I'm going. I came equipped with my own internal GPS (God Powered Self), but I forget to use her. The good news is that I can ask her for directions and she will never fail me. My GPS is always available, ready, willing and even happy to help. So in my most head-filled times I try to remember to use my GPS and gently drift back into my heart, where love resides. Today, I will ask to be reminded to remember...

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  1. Dear Toni... thank you for the reminder that we all have a GPS standing by to guide us... right back to that chamber where love resides.

    You are a blessing.
    I love you dearly.