Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Data Dump...

Today my brain has hit maximum capacity – I’m on input overload. When this happens, it’s almost impossible for me to be calm, reasonable, and productive. My mind just jumps from one thing I “should” do to another that I “need” to do, to something else I “have” to remember, to the one thing I can’t forget! It’s like a short circuit that jumps unpredictably from thought to thought – chaos in action.
When this happens my solution is what I call my Data Dump. I take a tablet and pen (it flows easier than a pencil on paper) and I sit down in a quiet space and start writing my list of things. All of the stuff that’s floating around in my brain keeping it busy. I list EVERYTHING I think I need to do, should do, have to do, want to do, want to remember, fantasize about doing. The list is sometimes pages long and totally uncensored. There’s no rhyme or reason to most of it, it’s just up there – random ideas, plans, wishes, hopes, dreams, things I want to say, things I want to write, things I want to tell someone, and let’s not forget all of the “shoulds”.
After all of the writing, I let it set for several hours then read it and begin organizing it into categories loosely representing goals with a timeline: personal/professional, now, within a few months, within a year, within several years, IMPOSSIBLE - DISCARD! This is my way of cleaning my idea bin – clearing out what isn’t useful and organizing what is. It’s like lifting a heavy weight from my body/mind/spirit. I feel lighter, calmer, more directed and productive – better able to live with purpose instead of just passing time here on the earth plane. It also frees up space for more creativity, more wonderful, amazing ideas and thoughts (some of which will become future Data Dump entries:>)).
These are the things I want to remember. There are also things I want to forget, but that’s another blog post arriving soon…


  1. Suddenly I remembered something. Is sky diving on your list?

    love you!

    ps I love your posts, I love your writing! Thanks for inspiring me to put a Data Dump on my list!

  2. Thank you for revealing myself to me, Toni! I call it "decluttering my mind" and "data dump" works just as well for me. Yes, it effects my spirit too, which is probably the most important reason for doing it.