Friday, July 31, 2009


Yippee it's Friday! My work ethic has been pretty good this week at my J-O-B so I feel like I've earned my feelings of joy that it's Friday. So much richer that way.
I've been learning lessons in honesty pretty intensely this week. Not cash register honesty, but the real, scary kind - down deep honesty with myself. Honesty about my thoughts, behaviors, ideas, relationships, and communication. This is the kind of honesty where you do the right thing even when nobody is watching - just you and HP.
With honesty comes the definition of the difference between doing things right and doing the right thing. I ask HP's guidance to do the right thing - take the next right action in all matters. Remembering that I'm ultimately answerable for my own honesty with myself and others also keeps me aware of the subtleties between telling the truth and being honest. As a master manipulator of the truth, believe me when I say that I KNOW the difference between truth and honesty. Truth comes from our heads and honesty comes from our hearts. The truth can be manipulated, omitted, or altered to suit my needs. Honesty cannot. Honesty is being alone - just me and God/Goddess and knowing that I'm revealing everything - holding nothing back - honest, essential, real, genuine, authentic. How brave we are when we're honest...

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