Saturday, July 18, 2009

The "F" word...

I love the weekends. No alarm clock. A sense of freedom from obligations. What does this tell me about Monday - Friday? Well, mostly that I'm not living the life I'm desiring to live. I'm still working at a job (J-O-B) that doesn't make my heart soar. I want to wake up every morning with the feeling that I'm living my purpose - fulfilling my reason for being here.
The income from the job is necessary for me to pay the bills, but there's still a big elephant in the room that I'm pretending to ignore. The problem with pretending to ignore something means that it's weighing down my every minute with a heaviness, a sense of guilt, and the big "F" word - FEAR.
When I let go of the fear and have FAITH, my life gets so much better - miracles happen every day. Miracles like living here and now, being consiously aware of my feelings, speaking my truth, living my purpose, sensitivity towards others that takes the focus off the big "F" word - fear. Today I'm working on reframing my big "F" word from fear to "F"AITH and asking for reminders to stay real...

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  1. Dear one.... I see you reframing your F word to Faith, Fun, Frivolity, Fabulous, Fandango, and maybe a Fuzzy-wuzzy, just for fun. I see you, very soon, sooner than you imagine at the moment, waking every day with the feeling and knowing that you are living your life ON PURPOSE.
    You are real!
    love and blessings, Chris