Monday, August 31, 2009

Senator Kennedy's Passing...

I've been so teary-eyed over the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy. It feels like an important symbol of what America stands for is gone. The public joys and heartbreak of the Kennedy family have reminded us that no amount of personal wealth can guarantee happiness. They have represented the best aspects of family, philanthropy, and service.
My tears feel like such a small thing when what I really want to do is wail, cry, shriek out my anger at this huge loss and take to my bed to grieve. Yet what I will do is cry my tears, feel my sadness, and continue to do my small part - the little bit one person can do to honor their legacy of love and support for Mother Earth and Her inhabitants. Each of us has our own small part to contribute, let's do this together - his death has left an enormous void to fill.

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  1. It's been over a month now. Time to move along. Your readers want to hear what your thinking!