Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just say yes...

Yes, we are Miracle Makers! Every thought connects us to the Infinite Intelligence - The Universe. Our body/mind connection means that every thought has a mirror thought within our bodies - so we can make our thoughts real in our lives.
I prove this every time I make a choice to change my perception and suddenly become aware of a lightening, a feeling of deep contentment where there was dissatisfaction or chaos previously. We make miracles with our visions and thoughts. This has brought me to a place deep inside me - a knowing that has no logic or reason to support it but is real none the less. My intention is to bring my purpose to me, to stop grasping for it, and let it come to me. How simple, how profound, how real is my amazement at this subtle shift in my vibration. Yes, I will vibrate at the frequency I wish to attract to me. "It" recognizes me and we share the joy and dance together...

1 comment:

  1. And so it is!!
    Thank you for sharing your dance with us!
    Love you!