Saturday, August 15, 2009

Energy connections...

I am not self sufficient - I need others. I feel most alive when I experience deep connection to others. I AM love when I'm connected. I'm not saying I need to always be with others - I need my alone time to re energize - and the truth is that when I am conscious and aware, authentic, genuinely me, I can be with someone(s) AND feel that energy flow. It is an energy exchange - a circle of energy that keeps recharging itself.
I can also be with someone who is an energy 'thief" and drains my energy. Wait! Did I just say that they drain my energy? Urgh! What I really mean is that I give my energy to them! That's not an energy exchange connection. It's one way - to them. You know how you just feel tired after being with certain people? Well, I try to keep my interaction with that type to a minimum - they're a rapid drain on my energetic battery. I know people whom I consider to be the heavy weight champs of energy sucking! After a little time with them I feel like I've gone 15 rounds and it's a TKO because I need a nap and some quiet time.
My loving gift to me is to encourage friendships with energy EXCHANGERS and minimize interactions with energy THIEVES. What a simple formula - not always easy, definitely simple...

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