Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's about taking action...

I feel ready to start my work week - without dread! I spent my entire weekend working on all of the paperwork necessary to file my taxes from the past three years. It's complicated stuff for two of the years, so 2008 felt like a comparative breeze. I feel so much lighter now that I'm ready to take all of the data to a tax person and be legal again.
I've NEVER missed a tax deadline - that is until I decided not to file in 2006. I lost so much money that year and the year before I decided I would file late, then 2007 passed with another negative cash flow year and it seemed like too much trouble to do TWO years' worth. After 2008 passed and I blithely skipped filing, it became a heavy burden that troubled me, but seemed like an insurmountable task.
Well, the state missed my tax return and sent me a notice (a reminder that I'd been a good little tax filer in the past - was there something wrong?) and a deadline for 2006/2007. Shortly thereafter the feds found me too. Now I was faced with a decision - hide out and hope they didn't come knocking on my door or face up to my own stuff. I've spent a lot of my life looking for geographical cures for what's ailing me. Unfortunately, no matter where I ended up, there I was - still me so running was not an option. I decided to make a stand and tackle the stacks of receipts. It took the most part of three days (1 Saturday and two Sundays) to get everything organized and the numbers calculated, but I finished up at 4:30 today and feel great!
Like many things in my life, when I take action things take a positive turn. If I sit around waiting to be motivated to DO something, I live in my head and can create millions of reasons (really good ones!) about why now is not a good time. Motivation comes after I've taken action. My prayer is to be willing to take action...

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